Healthcare Providers

Working to improve the efficiency, performance and quality of our healthcare system in partnership with a network of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and physicians.

Join a network of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and physicians dedicated to quality care.

We believe that our healthcare system is suffering from far too much fragmentation, and too many non-medical entities earning a profit from our healthcare system without improving its efficiency, performance and quality.

Our experience has been that while there are many elements to a total solution, the foundation must be to more directly align our medical providers with the employer community, and to do so across a fully transparent infrastructure.

From the employer perspective, this approach allows them to develop a more complete understanding of the dynamics that affect both their cost, and their employees’, while working collaboratively with their local medical providers. “All healthcare is local” is an often quoted and very accurate adage.

From the providers’ perspective, this allows you direct access to the entities who actually pay the cost and are truly focused on both the wellbeing of their employees and the economic impact on themselves and their company. There are no third parties diluting or modifying the message as you work to build a team approach with the employer community.

Efficient reimbursement management

Working closely with each of our provider partners, the objective is to reward quality and accessibility of care with reimbursement methods that save both time and money. With access to key utilization and spending metrics, your organization will have a clearer picture of its business relationship with major employers in your area.

Improved quality of care

Through direct employer relationships and access to key metrics, our healthcare provider partners are empowered to effect real, long-lasting change within a population of patients. This allows for better, more effective care for patients, improved financial performance and a better overall health delivery process.

Download Our Provider Manual

This manual contains information for healthcare providers regarding policies and credentialing and will be updated from time to time to accommodate changes and provide clarifications.