A long-term, sustainable approach to ensure quality healthcare, while effectively controlling cost for your employees and their families.

Better care at a more affordable price for both employers and employees.

Employers have justifiably become numb to “the next new idea” for controlling healthcare costs. As we look back over the past 30 years since the market moved toward “managed healthcare,” we have seen a continuous stream of new ideas, new strategies, and new vendors in the market. While it is certain many of them have succeeded financially for their companies and investors, the employer is no closer to solving the problem.

Employers Health Network believes the key to comprehensive, affordable care lies in creating closer relationships between the healthcare providers and employers within a community through a transparent infrastructure.

In order for employers to achieve their goal, EHN believes they are meant to provide:

Better access to quality care

Building customized healthcare provider networks means being able to center on your employees’ specific care needs and location. Utilizing data and strategic implementation methods, we provide tools to help minimize disruption resulting in a seamless transition.

Lower costs, more coverage

We offer customized healthcare plans that align with the goals and objectives of the employer. Utilizing data and analytics, we’re able to properly integrate our network with our strategic TPA partners, and PBM to help maximize cost savings and ultimately meet the employer’s needs.

Fully transparent infrastructure

No progress will be made toward a permanent solution for an employer until the employer works toward building an understanding of, and a working partnership with, the local medical community. Together, they must focus on an approach that addresses both quality and cost on a fully transparent basis—provider transparency, vendor transparency, and a commitment to developing long term solution, not quick fixes.

Long-term healthcare solution

Employers and their provider partners must move aggressively away from just treating illness and solving immediate medical problems to embracing the many proven approaches for preventing or managing disease and illness progression. This is both good business and the right commitment to your employees.