About Employers Health Network

Helping employers transform their healthcare offerings, achieving lower costs and better care.

We bring clarity and certainty to healthcare decision making.

Led by industry veterans with decades of experience in the healthcare market, Employers Health Network is a partner to employers, healthcare providers and brokers. In this role, our mission is to empower our customers—employers searching for a long-term answer to healthcare spending—in their mission to provide quality care at an affordable price. We bring clarity and certainty to healthcare decision making.


Through a customized network of providers designed to serve your workforce, we match our customers with the right doctors, facilities and pharmacies. With a program designed specifically to meet your company’s needs, we are able to cut costs while improving the quality of care to deliver a truly long-term healthcare solution.

Experience and expertise

Led by a team with substantial, long-standing reputations in the field, we use the full extent of our experience to deliver services proven to benefit businesses.

Direct relationships between employers and providers

When it comes to creating a healthcare benefit program, the key to resolving the obstacles businesses face is to bring the source of care closer to those employers.

Commitment to care

Care when and where your employees need it. By hand selecting providers to form your customized network, we ensure your workforce’s wellbeing while they navigate the provider community.

Our Leadership

Blake Allison

Chief Executive Officer

Patty Jones

Chief Clinical Officer

Alvin Bowser

Chief Operating Officer

Cary Smith

Chief Network Officer