Offer your clients a new and more efficient way to optimize their healthcare programs.

Employers Health Network empowers brokers with a transparent benefit alternative.

As a broker, your clients come to you in search of healthcare benefit options that maximize coverage and care while streamlining or lowering costs. Employers Health Network empowers you with a transparent benefit alternative that accomplishes just that.

As an EHN partner, you will have the ability to influence the healthcare benefit plan design, as well as the nature and reach of the provider network and the distribution of specialty and retail prescriptions. This level of control allows you to supply the most complete set of options for your clients through fully customized healthcare programs.

Also, a critical differentiator of working within a fully transparent benefit strategy is your ability to have complete access to all data: medical, pharmacy, provider profiling analytics, and comparisons to benchmarks. You will have the opportunity to advise your client with complete confidence regarding all the specific components of their benefit plan.