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Provide quality health benefits for your employees while controlling costs, for them and for your business. With a thoughtful and well executed strategy, these are very achievable goals.


The foundation of our strategy is a true partnership between employers and the medical providers (both hospitals and physicians) who serve your employees and their families. This partnership, built around a comprehensive benefits design and administered across a fully transparent infrastructure, is working for employers today. While the details include a high-performance provider network, a fully transparent and pass-through pharmacy benefits management (PBM) company, a nationally recognized third-party administrator (TPA), and a comprehensive approach to all aspects of an effective care management strategy, it is the functional and clinical integrations of all these components that produce exceptional results.

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Healthcare delivery problems can only be solved at the local level. Within a geography, we believe the medical and employer communities must be aligned with patient care as the critical focus. EHN’s goal is to develop this partnership, provide all the components required to support the employer’s benefit plan, and make certain everything is effectively administered across a fully transparent infrastructure. Critical to this approach is a local oversight structure with equal representation from the employer and provider communities.

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While employees and their families continue to gain access to more sophisticated technology tools to support their personal decisions related to healthcare, it is critical that the employer provides a comprehensive framework—a network of high quality/cost effective medical providers—within which the employees can be supported as they make these critical decisions.

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About Employers Health Network

The founders and the executive team of EHN have spent their careers, both as employers and as healthcare executives, focusing on one goal—how to provide employers with effective solutions for controlling their healthcare cost and do so within a structure that ensures their employees and family members have access to the highest quality of healthcare. By providing this focus and structure, not only does the employer gain control of their healthcare expenditures, the employee and family members also experience more cost-effective care relative to their out-of-pocket costs. All of this can only be achieved by engaging the medical community as true partners, and not just as a contracted entity.


Latest News – July 11, 2022

HPI Acquires Employers Health Network (EHN) of Irving, Texas